NEW! Over at Redbubble we’ve got Ludonarrative Dissidents merchandise for you!

From stickers to shirts, notebooks and more, you can buy a whole range of items with LND slogans mashing up our distinctive combo of Gustav Dore artwork and Barbara Kruger-inspired typography. Now you can proudly display your excellent taste in RPG-related audio-formatted critiques, and make your non-gamer friends go, ‘Ludon… what?’

We use the excellent Redbubble to print and ship, which means it’s all top-quality and you shouldn’t end up paying outrageous international shipping prices.

Each design can be printed on a bunch of different things: click on the image you like and scroll down to see the range of items you can buy with it on, from clothing to laptop sleeves. 

And every currency-unit you spend here goes to support the podcast, of course.

  nice! show me the COOL STUFF

(One day we will address whether it’s pronounced ‘Loodo’, ‘Lewdo’ or ‘Luddo’. This is not that day, this is the merch page, we’re trying to sell you stuff not engage you in debate. Can I recommend the basic Ludonarrative Dissidents shirt on a soft grey fabric? It’s comfy as heck and it looks awesome.)