THE Team

ross payton

Missouri, USA

Ross Payton is an award-winning writer and podcaster. He created Base Raiders, a superhero RPG about exploring abandoned superhero lairs. He has written for Eclipse Phase, Red Markets, and many other tabletop games. His other podcasts, RPPR Actual Play, Role Playing Public Radio, and Night Clerk Radio, are available on all podcasting apps.

@rosspayton (Twitter)
Role Playing Public Radio
Role Playing Public Radio Actual Play
Base Raiders RPG

greg stolze

Wisconsin, USA

Greg Stolze has been publishing in the tabletop RPG space since 1996, running the gamut from traditional titles like Star Trek and Vampire: the Masquerade to self-published indie fare like A Dirty World and Million Dollar Soulmate. He co-created Unknown Armies, wrote REIGN and was the first person to use Kickstarter for a TTRPG. He also does a lot of fiction. (Mastodon)

james wallis

London, UK

James Wallis ran Hogshead Publishing in the 1990s, publishing Warhammer FRP, SLA Industries and Nobilis, but also jump-starting the storygame movement with its New Style game line, led by James’s own Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen. A professional games reviewer since the 1980s, he co-created the groundbreaking narrative card game Once Upon a Time, rebooted Paranoia, co-wrote Board Games In 100 Moves with Sir Ian Livingstone, was studio manager at Green Board Games, an Asmodee company, taught game design at several universities, runs the Game Design Masterclasses, and his latest book Everybody Wins was released in late 2022.

(Bluesky) (Mastodon)
Everybody Wins: Four decades of the greatest board games ever made