The third season of Ludonarrative Dissidents began its crowdfunding on 4 March 2024 and closed on 7 April, having raised $11,066, or 368% of its target. That  means this season will have 27 episodes, plus a year of livestream episodes, a zine and more.

Each episode of season 3 will have a full set of show notes, which means each episode now gets a page of its own. One day we will revise seasons 1 and 2 to do the same, but we’re going to have to start earning a bunch more from affiliate fees to make it worth doing. Anyway.


Dungeon crawl classics #86: HOLE IN THE SKY

A single-session OSR adventure by Brendan Lasalle, played by the Ludonarrative Dissidents crew in the last episode of season 2.


Heart: The city beneath

Heart: The City Beneath is a game of unconventional fantasy adventurers who are drawn to enter, explore and lose themselves in a very corporeal underworld beneath the city of Spire. They’ll face horrific foes, bizarre locations and a mysterious and eldritch subway system. It’s from the same designers and publisher as Spire, it’s an indie darling, but what will the Ludonarrative Dissidents make of it? Will they locate the life-ending revelation they seek in its fleshy realms? Will Heart find a place in their heart, or just turn them into a big ol’ train?

Right now this episode is only available to our Kickstarter backers. It will be going public in a couple of weeks, so please check back then.