Each season we do a taster episode to show how the format’s going to work. In Season 3 we’re looking at adventures and sourcebooks alongside RPG systems, so the season opener is the adventure that you can hear us play through at the end of Season 2, Dungeon Crawl Classics #86: Hole in the Sky by Brendan LaSalle, a short but intense peasant-funnel. What does it do, how do the players experience it, does it fulfill its promise, and what techniques does it use to achieve that? 

“A PC who sleeps well in their bed at night is an uninteresting character as far as I’m concerned” – James

Hole in the Sky at DriveThruRPG

We also mention Earthdawn a fair bit during the episode: click here for the Pay-What-You-Want quickstart guide to the latest edition of the game.


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