Season 2 episode 17, covering the Pendragon six-edition starter set, is now live for all listeners via the link on the Season 2 page, and the Ludonarrative Dissidents season 2 finale is live but exclusive to backers for the moment. 

‘Finale’ is a pretty good description, as it’s the finale for a good number of player-characters in an actual-play of the legendary DCC peasant-funnel HOLE IN THE SKY. With two very special special guests (VEE from Queens Court Games and GARETH HANRAHAN from Ireland) we battle against weird chaos stuff, giant levitating vegetation, hideous mutant cannibals, and mostly each other and sucky dice rolls. The time and the giant vegetables just fly by.

And that’s a wrap for Season 2. Thank you all for your support and lugholes. We’re working up a fresh Kickstarter for Season 3, which will include us giving our expert opinions on some of the great and less-great RPG adventures of all time, including an Episode Zero on – who could have foreseen this? – HOLE IN THE SKY. That’s likely to go live early in the new year, and we’ll let you know well in advance.

Meanwhile we are also planning a special live Christmas Special episode in December – more news on that soon, both here and on the LND Discord – and adding new designs to the Ludonarrative Dissidents Merchandise page, including what might be the very geekiest tee-shirt of all time. Go on, you know you want to look.