Okay, I will be the first to admit that we’re not really staying on top of this blog thing.

A few updates that we forgot to, uh, update: the Ludonarrative Dissidents episodes on diceless games, Fiasco, experience points and Traveller are all live and up on the site. Check out this page if you haven’t listened to them yet: they’re all strong but I think there’s some particularly good stuff in the Traveller talk. The penultimate episode of Season 2, on the classic chivalric RPG Pendragon, is currently only accessible to our backers as I write, but will be going live shortly. And the final episode is in the can: a very special Actual Play of a classic peasant-funnel adventure for Dungeon Crawl Classics. (A peasant funnel is an adventure where a great many level-zero characters go into a scenario, and the ones that survive with most of their limbs might get to be actual PCs in a later game.) Ross is GMing, and we have a couple of very special guests accompanying James and Greg through the laughter and slaughter. A fitting finish to an excellent season.

But we have two other things in the works. The first is a selection of Ludonarrative Dissidents merchandise, available from  Redbubble who print all over the world which should keep your shipping to a minimum. We’ve got stickers! We’ve got shirts! I think we’ve got a mug but I haven’t actually checked lately! This is an alpha selection, so have a look at the various products and projects, and let us know what you think on the Discord, what you like, what you would like, for alternatively show your support by buying some of these items. (I already have the LND sticker on the back of my ersatz laptop, displaying it proudly to the bemused coffee-shop dwellers of South London. It’s very cool.)

The second thing, and it’s not ready yet, is the crowdfunding campaign for Ludonarrative Dissidents season 3. That’s not likely to happen for a few weeks or even months, but it will happen, and it’s also likely that before that we’ll do a special live episode for our supporters, via the magic of our Discord server, which you really ought to join if you haven’t: it’s got intelligent RPG discourse and occasional pictures of cats. Anyway, that’ll be happening, and we may remember to blog about it when it does.