So we launched the Kickstarter for season 3 and it hit its target in 16 hours. As I write it’s exceeded the total we raised for Season 1 and is still going. This is amazing, and we are amazed and moved by your support for our show.

To celebrate and thank you (and also to push the Kickstarter a little more) we’re doing a special one-off livestream on Sunday 10th March, at 4pm/16:00 CST, which because of clock-related shenanigans is not 10pm/22:00 UTC as normal but 9pm/21:00 UTC. We’ll be talking about the Kickstarter, games we’ve seen lately and what we’re working on, and we’ll also delve into ‘The Lost Universe’, the free RPG adventure released by NASA earlier this week.

We’ll be on Ross’s Twitch server this evening – click here to go to it – and it’d be great to see you there too. If you can’t make it, there’ll be a recording of the stream up in a day or so.