It is 22 April 2023 and the Ludonarrative Dissidents website is now live.

Latest episode releases: S2 E08: ‘Initiative Systems in RPGs’ has been released publicly, and S2 E10: Planet Mercenary is exclusively available to Kickstarter backers for the next few weeks. We realised that S2 E09, Call of Cthulhu, had either never been uploaded publicly or eldritch forces had mysteriously removed it, but anyway it’s up there now and it’s a cracking conversation. 

New episodes on Dread and Tales from the Loop have been recorded and are being edited. Research is underway for the next recording in early May, on the subject of ‘Diceless Games’.

The sun is out, the house is filled with the smell of fresh-baked bread, and earlier this week Greg sent me some cheese.