To celebrate the end of Season 2, the Ludonarrative Dissidents crew is doing a one-off live session on Saturday 16th December, and you’re invited!  It’ll be an hour of RPG chat, discussions of the State of the Dissent, updates on what we’re doing next, answers to listener questions, and James’s

Season 2 episode 17, covering the Pendragon six-edition starter set, is now live for all listeners via the link on the Season 2 page, and the Ludonarrative Dissidents season 2 finale is live but exclusive to backers for the moment.  ‘Finale’ is a pretty good description, as it’s the finale

Retitled the ‘Blog’ section to ‘News’, because that’s what it’s for. Added a dedicated webpage for LND merchandise, called ‘Merch‘. Mostly it’s a big ol’ link to our Redbubble page. That’s about it. Apologies if this showed up in your RSS feed.

Okay, I will be the first to admit that we’re not really staying on top of this blog thing. A few updates that we forgot to, uh, update: the Ludonarrative Dissidents episodes on diceless games, Fiasco, experience points and Traveller are all live and up on the site. Check out

Our episode taking a circular look at Tales from the Loop has now been released to anyone who wants to listen to it, and you can find the link on the Season 2 page. As with many episodes, we’re not in complete agreement about whether it succeeds in what it

Our discussion of the Jenga-based RPG DREAD actually went live a couple of weeks ago and sparked an interesting discussion over at r/rpg on Reddit, but we’ve got behind and are only just updating the site about it. Meanwhile we’ve recorded episodes on Tales from the Loop (at this moment

Our musings on PLANET MERCENARY are now available for everyone to hear, while the DREAD episode is available for our subscribers and supporters, who should have received an email with the relevant link. Hope you enjoy them both.

  It is 22 April 2023 and the Ludonarrative Dissidents website is now live. Latest episode releases: S2 E08: ‘Initiative Systems in RPGs’ has been released publicly, and S2 E10: Planet Mercenary is exclusively available to Kickstarter backers for the next few weeks. We realised that S2 E09, Call of